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The 13th Annual World Sleep Day is almost upon us, and it’s a time to remind ourselves of the important role sleep plays in our lives. We all face constant challenges, from the small day-to-day tasks to what’s going on in broader society. When our sleep is affected, so is our health and self-care. Therefore, it’s important on this day to relax, take a few deep breaths, and refocus your efforts on getting the best possible sleep you can, since it has such a massive impact on your life.

Sleep should be recognized as a pillar of health, allowing us to make better decisions when it comes to our wellness routines and the greater good. Sleep is central to every aspect of your well-being from your physical health, mood and mental health, to your productivity, decision-making, and workplace performance. Getting good – or bad – sleep can often set the tone for your day, so set yourself up for proper rest by ensuring quality sleep is a part of your daily routine.

Start by taking care of yourself to properly prime your body for sleep, during the time you’re awake. Maintaining a healthy diet, exercising, and engaging in mediation and/or mindfulness are all proven to affect the way you think and feel, decrease anxiety and improve moods, and help you feel calmer.

Next, you want to establish a regular bedtime routine, and create healthy habits that stick. Start to settle down an hour before bedtime - that means stop stalking your friends’ latest adventure on Facebook and Instagram or answering emails on your laptop right up until lights-out. If you’ve done one (or both) of these things, it’s likely that you may have had a hard time slowing your mind down and getting to sleep. Therefore, try to settle into a relaxation routine about an hour before bedtime. Take a warm shower or bath, do some light TV viewing (without your phone beside you!), or even try some light stretching or yoga.

Try to disconnect from your phone and social media at least 30 minutes prior to sleep to kick-start your wind-down process. Read a few chapters in a book instead! Even better, aim to make your bedroom phone-free by keeping your phone in a separate room in the house. Also be sure to ‘set the mood’ for your mind and body, by making sure the room is at a comfortable sleeping temperature, blocking out all distracting noise and eliminating as much light as possible, and reserving your bed for sleep. Don’t trick your mind into thinking it’s the hot spot for work and/or recreation.

Lastly, and most importantly, you want to invest in your bedroom. You spend a large portion of your life in this room, and it should be a peaceful, comfortable place, where you can relax, destress and recover. Using comfortable, inviting bedding is key to creating a space you truly love. Therefore, take the time to invest in yourself and get the Gravity Blanket you always wanted. When using the Gravity Blanket, you’ll almost immediately feel a sense of calm and comfort, allowing you to fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply. It’s true: in a 2019 Sleepscore Labs Study, 72% of participants reported sleep improvement, and 76% of users reporters falling asleep faster and feeling more rested upon waking up in the morning.

So when you think of World Sleep Day, remember what sleep does for your mind and body. Everyone needs it, so make sure to listen to your body and focus on ways to ensure you get a restful night’s sleep. Just think, we can’t overcome these day-to-day challenges, impactful decisions, or take care of our society if we can’t take care of ourselves, and that begins with sleep.