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I’ve had my 15lb Gravity Blanket for over a year now and have had nothing but a positive experience so far. Prior to ordering my Gravity Blanket, I could never sleep through the night. I’m not an anxious person, I don’t have sleep disorders, I would just wake up a number of times throughout the night, rollover, and go right back to sleep. This is just how I did sleep for the longest time. Thinking back, it never really bothered me, but it certainly would have been nice to just sleep through the night.

I began coming across ads for the Gravity Blanket around Christmas time 2018. I would read about how it reduces stress and deepens sleep, and had science to back it up. So, I decided I wanted to give it a try. It was a gift I received for Christmas and it has been a game-changer since!

While it took me a few days to adjust to my new blanket (I wasn’t used to sleeping with 15lbs laid across my body!), it has been nothing but reliable, and I can genuinely say I almost always sleep through the night. As a full-time college student, my days can be long and stressful, and both my body and brain are often overworked. With my Gravity Blanket, I can always count on a good night’s sleep, no matter how much I have going on in my academic life (or just regular life in general if I’m being honest). It looks great, it feels great, and it’s reliable.

Because I’ve had such a great experience with the Gravity Blanket, I decided I wanted to give the Gravity Pillow a try. I am a huge fan of essential oils, especially lavender, so I figured this product wouldn’t disappoint, and it hasn’t!

I absolutely love the size of the Gravity Pillow. You can use it normally or even as a body pillow if you wanted. My favorite aspect of the pillow is the ability to adjust the memory foam to your personal comfort. I’m not a fan of harder pillows, so having the ability to remove some of the memory foam made things so much more comfortable for me.

If you’ve read about it, you know the lavender cartridges are inserted into the middle of the pillow. If I’m being honest, I was skeptical of this initially. I was concerned that when the memory foam would settle under the weight of my head I would be able to feel the cartridges. I can’t feel a thing! All I do is lay back and enjoy the scent of lavender coming from my pillow (and they last for weeks too!).

So, with that said, my Gravity experience has been nothing but positive and I’m extremely grateful to the creators of Gravity products. Well done.

Sleep well,

Christopher K.

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