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Partnering with Gravity

Co-branded Opportunities to Bring Value to Consumers

ABOUT our partnerships

We partner with brands that increase the value we provide to our customers.

Besides sharing our unique goals of reducing stress and improving sleep, we want partners that will help us offer unique products and experiences to consumers. Previous brand collaborations have included custom products, bundles, and social giveaways to name a few.

Partnership Examples:


Since 2018, we’ve been partnered with Calm (the #1 app to help you sleep, meditate and relax) to bring you custom, Calm-branded Gravity products that each come with a subscription to the Calm App. Perfectly pairing together, the Calm X Gravity line is designed for those looking for the ultimate relaxation. Read more here.


iHeartMedia has an instrumental partner in Gravity’s growth over the past few years. Working with their radio jockeys and talent, we’ve been able to bring Gravity’s mission of better sleep and wellness to new consumers across the country through traditional and digital radio, influencer content, activations, and event sponsorships.

Brooklyn Nets

As a Brooklyn-based brand, we like partnering with brands who come from our hometown. Even better when they share our mission to improve sleep and mental health. Partnering with the Nets allowed us to highlight the role sleep and mental health play in physical performance, and how products like Gravity can help athletes be better.

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